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AI-STORIES: Shadows of The Night City | ISSUE 02

Updated: Mar 22

Welcome to the newest issue of the AI-Stories Magazine, where I'll be sharing with you a thrilling cyberpunk story set in the neon-lit streets of Night City. Follow me on this journey as we join Lexia, a skilled hacker and cyber-criminal with a personal vendetta to settle. In this tale of revenge, we'll see her use all of her skills and connections to track down and confront her friend's killer, a notorious gang member in Night City.


Title: The Shadows of The Night City

Issue: 02/2023 (all issues HERE)

Season: 01 | Episode: 01 | Chapters: 5

Category: Storytelling

Board: AI-Stories

Video: Yes

AI texts: ChatGPT

AI images: Midjourney

AI voice: ElevenLabs

Created by: Membertron (profile)

Date of creation: 05/03/2023


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