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How To Design Cars For Beginners - ISSUE 03

Updated: Mar 22

Ready to take your car design skills to the next level? Look no further than our ebook course, "How To Design Cars for Beginners - PART 3." With 30 pages and 5 lessons, this course is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to advance their car design knowledge and skills.


Title: “How To Design Cars for Beginners”

Course: Part 3 (all issues HERE)

Lessons: 5

Pages: 30

Level: Beginner

Images: AI-generated

Board: Car Design

Images: Generated by AI

Created by: Membertron

Date of creation: 05/03/2023


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WHAT'S INSIDE? In Lesson 1, we'll build upon your foundational sketching skills with more advanced techniques, such as perspective, shading, and rendering. Lesson 2 will take you on a journey through automotive design history, exploring the evolution of car design throughout the years and the iconic car designs that have defined each era. In Lesson 3, you'll discover the process of developing a concept for a new car design, including research, ideation, and concept refinement. We'll also introduce you to advanced digital design tools in Lesson 4, including Alias and SolidWorks, and teach you how to incorporate more complex surfaces and functional elements into your designs. Finally, in Lesson 5, you'll further your 3D modeling skills with advanced techniques for creating even more intricate designs. These lessons build upon the foundational knowledge and skills gained in Parts 1 and 2 of the course and provide a deeper understanding of the complex and multifaceted world of car design. If you're serious about mastering car design, "How To Design Cars for Beginners - PART 3" is the ultimate resource for taking your skills to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Download your copy today and start designing the cars of tomorrow!



  • Learn the basics of car design and the different types of cars and their designs.

  • Develop your sketching techniques with practice exercises and learn about the materials and tools required for car design sketching.

  • Understand the importance of proportion in car design and learn how to measure and apply the golden ratio to your designs.

  • Get an overview of digital design tools and learn how to use basic software such as Sketchbook, Photoshop or SketchUp.

  • Master 3D modelling techniques for car design and practice exercises to create realistic 3D models.


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