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How To Design Cars For Beginners - ISSUE 02

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Take your car design skills to the next level with our ebook course, "How To Design Cars for Beginners - PART 2." With 25 pages and 5 lessons, this course is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to perfect their car design skills.

How To Design Cars - PART 2 | Ai-generated content - Membertron


Title: “How To Design Cars for Beginners”

Course: Part 2 (all issues HERE)

Lessons: 5

Pages: 25

Level: Beginner

Board: Car Design

Images: Generated by AI

Created by: Membertron

Date of creation: 05/03/2023


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In Lesson 1, we'll explore the importance of color and material selection in car design, teaching you how to apply color theory and choose the right materials for maximum impact.

Lesson 2 will focus on interior design for cars, covering everything from materials and color selection to the importance of ergonomics in car interior design.

In Lesson 3, we'll dive into lighting design for cars, teaching you about the different types of lighting used in car design and their impact on the overall design.

Lesson 4 will explore the principles of sustainable car design, including eco-friendly materials and technologies used in car design.

Finally, in Lesson 5, we'll teach you how to effectively present and communicate your car designs, including the importance of teamwork and collaboration in the car design industry.

Whether you're looking to break into the car design industry or simply want to perfect your skills, "How To Design Cars for Beginners - PART 2" is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to take their car design skills to the next level.

So why wait? Download your copy today and start designing the cars of the future.



Lesson 1: Color and Material Selection in Car Design

  • Understanding color theory and its application in car design

  • Material selection for car design

  • The impact of color and material on car design

Lesson 2: Interior Design for Cars

  • Basics of interior car design

  • Materials and color selection for the car interior

  • Importance of ergonomics in car interior design

Lesson 3: Lighting Design for Cars

  • Overview of lighting design in car design

  • Different types of lighting used in car design

  • Understanding the impact of lighting on car design

Lesson 4: Sustainability in Car Design

  • Introduction to sustainable car design

  • Principles of eco-friendly car design

  • Sustainable materials and technologies used in car design

Lesson 5: Presentation and Communication Skills

  • How to present your car design

  • Communication skills required in car design industry

  • Importance of teamwork and collaboration in car design.



  • Learn the basics of car design and the different types of cars and their designs.

  • Develop your sketching techniques with practice exercises and learn about the materials and tools required for car design sketching.

  • Understand the importance of proportion in car design and learn how to measure and apply the golden ratio to your designs.

  • Get an overview of digital design tools and learn how to use basic software such as Sketchbook, Photoshop or SketchUp.

  • Master 3D modelling techniques for car design and practice exercises to create realistic 3D models.


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