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How To Design Cars For Beginners - ISSUE 04

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Unlock your potential as a car designer with our ebook course, "How to Design Cars for Beginners - Part 4." With 31 pages and 5 lessons, this course takes you beyond the basics of car design and into the world of advanced techniques and emerging technologies.


Title: “How To Design Cars for Beginners”

Course: Part 4 (all issues HERE)

Lessons: 5

Pages: 31

Level: Beginner

Board: Car Design

Images: Generated by AI

Created by: Membertron

Date of creation: 05/03/2023


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WHAT YOU GET? Discover how to apply human-centered design principles to create cars that meet the needs of the end-user, and learn how design decisions impact the manufacturing process. Explore the future of car design with a focus on electric and autonomous vehicles, and understand the role of branding and identity in creating a cohesive design language. And when you're ready to take your skills to the next level, our course helps you prepare for a career in car design, including developing a strong portfolio, networking, and interview preparation. Whether you're an aspiring car designer or simply want to deepen your knowledge of this fascinating field, "How to Design Cars for Beginners - Part 4" is the ultimate guide.


Lesson 1: Human-Centered Design Explore the concept of human-centered design and how it can be applied to create cars that are more user-friendly and meet the needs of the end-user.

Lesson 2: Design for Manufacturing

Learn about the manufacturing process for cars and how design decisions can impact production, including material selection and assembly techniques.

Lesson 3: Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

Gain insight into the future of car design with a focus on electric and autonomous vehicles, including the unique design considerations for these emerging technologies.

Lesson 4: Branding and Identity

Understand the role of branding and identity in car design, including how to create a cohesive design language across a brand's product line.

Lesson 5: Portfolio Development and Career Preparation

Learn how to develop a strong portfolio and prepare for a career in car design, including networking, job search strategies, and interview preparation.



  • Learn the basics of car design and the different types of cars and their designs.

  • Develop your sketching techniques with practice exercises and learn about the materials and tools required for car design sketching.

  • Understand the importance of proportion in car design and learn how to measure and apply the golden ratio to your designs.

  • Get an overview of digital design tools and learn how to use basic software such as Sketchbook, Photoshop or SketchUp.

  • Master 3D modelling techniques for car design and practice exercises to create realistic 3D models.


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